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I Dream Of…

Chaand Taare, Tod Laoon
Saari Duniya Par Main Chhaoon
Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai

Chaand Taare, Yes Boss


We all have them. Fulfilled, unfulfilled. Far-fetched, within reach.

From becoming famous, to travelling the world, from making the world a cleaner place, to rolling around in money. From finding true love to building that ideal work-life balance, from wanting a dog to getting that perfect body. We want it all.

Sometimes there are so many dreams that you don’t know where and what to start achieving first.

Dreams change often, usually becoming grander in the scheme of things. You always want more; you aren’t satisfied with what you have, and what you achieve. You say that you have a lot of dreams, but they don’t actually mean the same.

Sometimes you start the chase, not stopping till you achieve it. Sometimes you don’t pause, and understand that the glorious end result you want, requires unlimited hard work and perseverance while working smartly towards it. Sometimes you mess up even before you even start, by following the wrong route, disrespecting the dream. And sometimes, you just don’t take that step forward.

What differentiates a dream is turned into a reality, from a dream that remains one?

Whether the dream is a goal or an aspiration.

Your lips are parched. You need water, but there isn’t a sign of it anywhere. Everyone around you is also parched. You have to find water.  Not just a drop, but an entire stream, so that the inflow never stops. How do you go about it?

What if you don’t have the technology, even a physical map to assist you? And what if the people you know are ridiculing your dream, calling it unattainable for multiple reasons? Everyone tells you that it won’t happen. Your dream shall remain a dream. Just the way it is defined, dream being an aspiration.

But you want it. It is not simply something that you’re wishing for. Over time it has become your ambition, your goal.

You don’t keep thinking that somebody would assist you or do the work for you; you start by understanding and identifying the closest route to a spring. You pull back your sleeves; you know that have to break through the hard ground, move through rocks- move all of them away. You get your knee scraped, you keep slipping. There are days when you feel that it is going nowhere, the urge to quit is strong. But you keep ploughing on; you have come so far! And one day, you see the ground becoming damp. The thirst to move forward gets fired up, and soon, cool fresh water hits you in the face. Every pore in your body is in bliss. And all you can think of is that you did it, you finally have what you wanted. Whatever you faced on your journey was absolutely worth it.

Be it conquering the world, or perfecting that cheesecake, make it a goal instead of a dream. Dreams are not worth reliving and contemplating about if you aren’t chasing them. They are not something you just wish for, but something you know you know you can’t do without.

You stop at nothing.



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